Whey Pro Premium is a nutritious and delicious protein obtained from WPC whey protein concentrate.

It is recommended to supplement the daily diet with protein, intended for active people, professional and amateur athletes.

Characteristics :

  • 30 g of WPC whey protein in each serving of 35 g
  • Protein helps to increase and maintain muscle mass
  • Protein helps maintain healthy bones
  • Contains 100% WPC - no other additives
  • Rich source of BCAAs
  • Complex of 4 Digestive Enzymes for a very good digestion and assimilation
  • Very good solubility, being easy to prepare in a shaker
  • Delicious flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberries, banana, mint chocolate, coffee, coconut, caramel
  • Available in a 35 g sachet


Whey Pro Premium is a quality protein from traditional producers in EU countries

It was formulated based on WPC whey concentrate with 80 % concentration, providing 30 g of WPC protein per serving (1 cup = 35 g).

Protein helps to increase and maintain muscle mass and also to maintain the health of the skeletal system.

Whey Pro Premium has a very good bioavailability, being ideal for muscle recovery and protein synthesis, in diets or for replacing a meal.

Recommended administration : mix 1 sachet (35 g) in 200 - 250 ml of water or milk and administer 1 sachet (35 g) before and 1 sachet (35 g) after training.

1 sachet = 35 g = 1 serving

Whey Pro Premium