SUPRA + CHARGE HD is a pre-workout with a complex formula, containing effective and powerful ingredients. These were selected and dosed to support an intense and long-lasting workout.

Characteristics :

  • Pre-workout with 18 components
  • Explosive energy during training
  • Stimulates focus and concentration
  • Maximum performance and muscle capacity
  • Malat & Beta-Alanine Citrulline Complex Formula
  • Delicious flavors: orange, Fruit Punch, Melon, Furious Grapes
  • Available in 510 g, 17g


Supra + Charge Hd contains Beta Alanine, L-Arginine AKG, L-Citrulline Malate and other important ingredients. In addition to caffeine, Supra + Charge provides a strong premix of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for concentration during training and hydration.

Recommended administration : dissolve 2 measures = 17g (1 serving = 2 shaved measures) with 200-250 ml of cold water 30-40 minutes before training.

Weights : 510 gr (30 servings) / 17 gr (envelope)

Supra + HD charge