Matrix 5 Protein is a protein powder food supplement that contains 5 different sources of protein ( WPI whey protein isolate, whey hydrolyzate, WPC whey protein concentrate, MPC milk protein concentrate, egg white protein), fortified with creatine monohydrate and glutamine.

Having different structures and characteristics, it ensures a varied source of amino acids, forming together a complete formula for the desired objectives.

Characteristics :

  • 5 types of protein from different sources and different digestion speed
  • 20 g of protein in each serving of 33 g
  • Contains Creatine Monohydrate and Glutamine
  • Slow-fast assimilation
  • Low Sugar and Fat content
  • Provides a constant flow of amino acids from various sources
  • Perfect for maintaining quality muscle mass
  • Ensures optimal muscle recovery


Matrix 5 Protein is a complete protein source from 5 types of protein , with a slow-fast absorption, which ensures a complex nutrition for any person who has a healthy and active lifestyle or sports, providing 20 g of protein in each serve 33 g.

Provides a constant flow of amino acids, enriched with creatine monohydrate and glutamine, low in sugar and fat.

Matrix 5 Protein is the perfect composition for those who want to provide a complete protein in their diet, which contributes to increasing and maintaining muscle mass and also to maintaining the health of the skeletal system.

Recommended administration : 2 portions are mixed in a shaker with water or milk and administered before and after training. 1 serving = 1 cup (30g) - the cup is inside the package).

Available in 1000 g, 2000 g, 4000 g

Matrix 5 Protein

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