Isolated from Zer WPI, pure

ISO PURE ENVELOPES, premium isolated protein, is obtained from WPI whey protein isolate, through the Cross Filtration process, which can be included in a diet and training plan for active people and athletes.


  • Isolated from WPI Whey Protein
  • 28 g of WPI protein in each 30 g sachet
  • 8.1 g of BCAA
  • Fiber source
  • 0 G Sugar-0 G Carbohydrates-Aspartame Free
  • Digestive enzyme complex for rapid assimilation
  • Delicious flavors: chocolate and raspberries
  • Available in a 30 g sachet


ISO PURE ENVELOPES is an isolated WPI protein, of 90% concentration, which provides 28 g of protein in each serving of 30 g.

ISO PURE ENVELOPES is the perfect choice for a healthy and active lifestyle, which contributes to increasing and maintaining muscle mass and also to maintaining the health of the skeletal system.

Recommended administration: 1 sachet (30 g = 1 serving) is mixed in 300 ml of water, milk or juices, immediately after training.

1 sachet = 1 serving = 30 g

Iso Pure Protein Envelope 30g