PREMIUM HYDROWHEY ENVELOPES Hydrolyzed whey protein, with a remarkable absorption rate PREMIUM HYDROWHEY ENVELOPES, hydrolyzed whey protein WPH, predigested with active enzymes, being designed for active people, professional and amateur athletes Advantages 33 g of hydrolyzed whey W 35 g sachet Contains 100% WPH - no other additives Digestive Enzyme Complex, which accelerates digestion Low Carbo and Fat content Excellent solubility, creamy and nutritious Available in 35 g sachet Delicious flavors: chocolate and vanilla PREMIUM HYDROWHEY sachet qualitative protein, obtained by an enzymatic method, resulting in fractions of di and tripeptides, being predigested with digestive enzymes and contributes to increasing and maintaining muscle mass and also to maintaining the health of the skeletal system. PREMIUM HYDROWHEY ENVELOPES provide 33 g of protein in each serving of 35 g, being recommended in intense and long-term physical training, ensuring a complex nutrition for active people and athletes. Recommended administration: mix 1 sachet (35 g = 1 serving) in 200 - 250 ml of water or milk and administer immediately after training and 1 sachet (35 g = 1 serving) in the morning immediately after waking up. 1 serving = 1 sachet = 35 g

Hydro Whey Envelope 35 g