Hydro Beef Protein is a food supplement based on beef protein powder obtained by hydrolysis with a high degree of absorption and digestion ensuring a qualitative source of protein for any active or athletic person.

Characteristics :

  • 100% pure beef hydrolyzate peptides
  • 26.5 g of protein in each serving of 30 g
  • 0 g Lactose - low in Sugar and Fat
  • Excellent digestibility and assimilation
  • The formula sweetened with Stevia


Hydro Beef Protein is a nutritious protein based on peptides from pure beef hydrolyzate, which is absorbed and digested very quickly. It is suitable for the diet and training of any active or athletic person.

It contains 26.5 g of protein in each serving of 30 g, which contributes to increasing and maintaining muscle mass and also to maintaining the health of the bone system , without lactose, with a low sugar and fat content.

The Triple Chocolate and Stevia aroma completes the delicious taste of the Hydro Beef protein formula, perfect for use immediately after waking up, say after training.

Recommended administration: mix 1 serving (1 measure = 30 g) with 200-300 ml of water or milk. 1 portion is administered immediately after waking up, and the second portion immediately after training or between meals.

Available in 2000 g

Hydro Beef Protein

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