Citrus Max 3000 100% Pure is a food supplement that contains 100% the amino acid L-Citrulline of vegetable origin without sugar, flavors or other additives!

Characteristics :

  • Accelerates the production of nitric oxide
  • It can be used in combinations as an effective Pre-Workout
  • Increases endurance and effort
  • Optimizes performance
  • Precursor of arginine and creatine
  • 100% Vegan
  • Increase training intensity

Citru Max 3000 100% pure is an accelerator of muscle endurance, being a food supplement based on citrulline malate powder, 100% pure, vegan, recommended for athletes and active people to perform at a higher level.

CITRU MAX 3000 100% pure increases the production of Nitric Oxide and blood flow , thus resulting in a higher distribution of nutrients, increased muscle pumping, more intense training and a longer duration, without feeling muscle fatigue.

CITRU MAX 3000 100% pure optimizes performance, increases resistance to exertion, also contributing to increased ATP production, cell volume, being a strong precursor of arginine and creatine.

Administration: 2 servings per day:

1 serving (1 serving = 1 measure = 3g),) is dissolved in 200-250 ml of water and administered before training and 1 serving (1 serving = 1 measure = 3g),) immediately after training.

The box contains 100 servings

Citrus Max 3000 100% Pure