Carniplus 2000 shot, is a dietary supplement in liquid form, containing L-Carnitine enriched with vitamin C and is recommended for athletes and active people, for extra energy and fat burning.

Carniplus 2000 shot is a very effective energizer because it stimulates the use of fat as an energy source. It is recommended for burning fat along with exercise and a proper diet, but also in times of fatigue and mental exhaustion.

Characteristics :

  • 0 g sugar / 0 g fat
  • ultrafast assimilation
  • 2000 mg l-carnitine + vitamin C in each serving of 25 ml
  • delicious aroma
  • reduction of body fat

Administration : 1 serving (25ml) / day 30 minutes before training or between meals on an empty stomach. The administration is done with the measure located on the bottle cap.

Keep cool after opening the box! Further optimize athletic performance, delay the onset of fatigue and increase diet.

Cot box 20 shots

Carniplus 2000 Shot 20x25ml