Amino Liquid 1000ml - is a dietary supplement in liquid form that contains a mix of 20 essential and non-essential amino acids, with a fast assimilation is recommended for athletes for a quick recovery after exertion and for maintaining muscle mass.


  • contains 20 amino acids per serving
  • Full spectrum of amino acids
  • Helps to recover quickly after exertion
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • It does NOT contain sugar or fats
  • Rich Source of BCAAs (2.78 g / serving 50 ml)


Aminoliquid 1000 ml contains micronized free amino acids with full spectrum, it is recommended for active people and athletes and women, before, during and after training, to increase strength, endurance and muscle mass. It does not contain sugar or fat.

Recommended administration : 1 serving (50 ml / day).

The administration is done with the measure, which is on the cap of the bottle. Shake well before use! Keep cool after opening the box!

The box contains: 1000 ml / 20 servings

Amino Liquid 1000 ml